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Skinny Boy: A Young Man’s Battle and Triumph Over Anorexia (softcover)

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Gary Grahl is handsome, popular, and his athletic abilities have attracted the attention of the big leagues… that was until a shaming inner-voice convinced him to be ever thinner. His out-of-control compulsion to exercise and starve himself led to multiple hospitalizations, and a life and death battle to win control over the pervasive and dangerous compulsion. Skinny Boy is a powerful story showing how to win the internal battle between mind and body, and triumph over the out-of-control thoughts and feelings common in many of us.

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    “Skinny Boy is a compelling and honest first-person account of a vexing human challenge—repairing one’s relationship to oneself.” —Psychology Today

    “Gary Grahl is a hero and an exceptional writer. Through Skinny Boy, Gary makes a spectacular contribution to the eating disorders field.” —Vivian Hanson Meehan, president and founder, National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

    “Skinny Boy effectively chronicles the inner dialogue between the anorexic voice urging him to resist treatment and keep getting thinner and his rational mind that reacts with colorful sarcasm but usually succumbs to thoughts of worthlessness. As Grahl proves, eating disorders are not exclusive to either gender.” —Leigh Cohn, editor-in-chief, Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention

    “The running internal dialogue between the author and his eating disorder provides a window into the cognitive and emotional world of individuals suffering from this devastating illness. His style of writing alone makes this book a must-read for any professional working with these individuals.” —Michelle Klinedinst, executive director, Rosewood Eating Disorders Center

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