God Isn’t Here: A Young American’s Entry into WWII and his Participation in the Battle for Iwo Jima (Signed)

Unsigned copies of this historic and popular book have sold for $1000 or more because it is out of print at the request of the author. It is hailed as one of the best accounts of the battle for Iwo Jima as written by an eye witness. Only a handful of copies remain, and absolutely no more will ever become available in the future. This book is signed by WWII veteran and author Richard E. Overton.

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With attention to detail only an eye-witness can offer, corpsman Richard E. Overton’s gut-wrenching memoir of the battle at Iwo Jima captures the insufferable horrors of combat at the greatest battle of the modern era. It is likely the most chaotic, intense, and deadly conflict ever fought by the U.S. military. The Marines attacked an entrenched and invisible enemy whose suicidal plan was to protract the battle and break the American’s will to fight. Because of the continually shifting lines, the Japanese were everywhere, and Overton and his unit faced relentless close contact with the enemy. He endured persistent mind-numbing artillery attacks, night-time infiltrators and deadly hand-to-hand combat. Within the first few days of battle, most of the men of his platoon were lost. His own survival is a mystery that still haunts him to this day. The trauma of seeing men eviscerated, added to the cumulative effects of sleep deprivation and adrenaline overload, led to his evacuation from Iwo Jima… but not before he endured the unimaginable.

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    This book went unpublished for decades because of it’s brutally graphic nature. It was written by a Corpsman imbedded with the USMC 5th Spearhead Division on IWO JIMA. Private copies of the manuscript were circulated amongst Iwo vets for years. Eventually a publisher was found who would publish it without severely editing the author’s first hand witness to horror. I bought this for my dad, USMC and Iwo vet and with the 5th Division.Unfortunately he passed away before getting a chance to read it. We laid dad to rest with full military honors in his USMC dress greens and decorations including the attached citation….A glimpse of Iwo is represented in the citation.
    The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the PRESIDENTIAL UNIT CITATION to

    for service as set forth in the following

    “For extraordinary heroism in action during the seizure of enemy Japanese-held Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, February 19 to 28, 1945. Landing against resistance which rapidly increased in fury as the Japanese pounded the beaches with artillery, rocket and mortar fire, the Assault Troops of the FIFTH Amphibious Corps inched ahead through shifting black volcanic sands, over heavily mined terrain, toward a garrison of jagged cliffs barricaded by an interlocking system of caves, pillboxes and blockhouses commanding all approaches. Often driven back with terrific losses in fierce hand-to-hand combat, the Assault Troops repeatedly hurled back the enemy¹s counterattacks to regain and hold lost positions, and continued the unrelenting drive to high ground and Motoyama Airfield No. 1, captured by the end of the second day. By their individual acts of heroism and their unfailing teamwork, these gallant officers and men fought against their own battle-fatigue and shock to advance in the face of the enemy¹s fanatical resistance; they charged each strongpoint, one by one, blasting out the hidden Japanese troops or sealing them in; within four days they had occupied the southern part of Motoyama Airfield No. 2; simultaneously they stormed the steep slopes of Mount Suribachi to raise the United States Flag; and they seized the strongly defended hills to silence guns commanding the beaches and insure the conquest of Iwo Jima, a vital inner defense of the Japanese Empire.”

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