Skinny Boy Synopsis

(196 words)

Gary Grahl is about to embark upon an unprecedented journey. An all-American teenage boy with dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, he is haunted by a mysterious inner “voice” called IT that leads him to engage in destructive dieting habits and torturous exercise rituals. Before his junior year of high school is over, he finds himself on Unit 13, the psychiatric unit of St. Abernathy Hospital, for anorexia nervosa and depression. It is here where a colorful blend of staff and patients with idiosyncratic styles quickly become Gary’s surrogate family.

Weeks of intense therapy help Gary expose the demon within, bringing him to discharge. But old habits die hard. After a disastrous professional baseball tryout, Gary returns to Unit 13, this time at a dangerous 103 pounds and suicidal. Before death and IT can have the final word, YOU, a “voice” of hope and relief, arrives in the middle of a nightmare. Along with the encouragement of a bubbly nurse, Ariel, the clever Scrabble playing by unit director, Greta, and Gary’s very first romance with a beautiful patient name Emilee, Gary discovers his true identity, and learns the power of being himself.