About Eating Disorders (E.D.)

A person with an eating disorder uses eating, or not eating, to meet an emotional need rather than a physical need. Often a person with an E.D. can ignore, or simply becomes unaware of, the physical signals that the body needs food.

The three classified eating disorders are anorexia nervosa , bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder. Each disorder has a specified set of signs and symptoms, as outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM IV). Others may show signs of an E.D., but the etiology (cause) may exist because of an unrelated medical condition (like cancer or some other medical condition).

Eating disorders are generally associated with females, and because fewer males develop E.D., a limited number of resources are available. Fortunately, Gary Grahl provides hope for all males with E.D. who have limited resources available that relate to their experience.

These articles are not male specific, and can help all those who suffer from an E.D., including their families and friends.

Resources for those with an E.D.

So, you have an Eating Disorder?

Thinking Errors Common Among Those with an E.D.

Treatment facilities specializing in E.D.

Gary's Hospital Journal - Gary looks back at his own journal entries, and offers encouragement and constructive criticism to himself!

Resources for others interested in E.D.

What to do if someone has an E.D.

What to say to someone with an E.D.

Strategies for Parents of a Child with an E.D.

What NOT to say to someone with an E.D.