Sample Interview Questions for Gary A. Grahl

There are many books written about females and anorexia. Why to you think you are the first male to come forward and write a book?

Most people think anorexia happens only in females. Is anorexia really a problem for young men?

Why is it that some eating disorder treatment facilities refuse to admit males?

Your book describes how you named the inner voice of your eating disorder "IT." What was "IT" and how did it affect your thinking and behavior?

Is that inner voice a common thing for people with eating disorders?

In your book, you describe that baseball great Jim Gantner visited you in the hospital. Tell me what happened and how that affected your recovery?

Is it true that many people develop eating disorders because they feel a lack of contol over their lives?

What are some of the common risk factors among men with eating disorders?

For parents, what should they look for in their children, if they suspect their child may have an eating disorder?

What are some of the things I could say to someone if I thought they had an eating disorder?

Is there anything I should NOT say to someone who may have an eating disorder?

What is ANAD and what is your role as a resource person?

You are now a licenced professional counselor. Does your experiences with anorexia help you in your practice?