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50th Anniversary Edition
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    Kamikaze: A Japanese Pilot's Own Spectacular Story of the Famous Suicide Squadrons

    By Yasuo Kuwahara & Gordon T. Allred

    At age 15, Yasuo Kuwahara entered military service where he suffered through basic training so brutal, nine men of his squadron committed suicide. After qualifying for fighter pilot school, he survived ferocious aerial combat and barely escaped death at the hands of the American enemy.  Upon receipt of his suicide orders in August of 1945, he traveled home to bid farewell to his family, but ironically escaped his suicide mission due to one of the war's most cruel twists of fate.

    Originally published in 1957 by Ballantine, KAMIKAZE was the first mass market book written in English by a former kamikaze pilot. Because of lingering emotions after World War II, American’s were slow to care much about the perspective of our former enemy. But KAMIKAZE became a national bestseller, and was instrumental in helping American's temper our view of the Japanese after World War II.

    This beloved classic is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2007 and has been wholly revised and re-crafted to commemorate this historic milestone.

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