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Kamikaze 50 Year Timeline

Significant Milestones

Cavalier Magazine, January 1957

Author, Gordon T. Allred publishes "I was a Kamikaze Pilot" in January 1957. Publisher Ian Ballantine contacts Allred shortly thereafter, and asks him to expand the article into a full-length book.

Ballantine's letter states: "This letter is sent you with the hope that you would be interested in writing a book based in part on the material in “I Was A Kamikaze Pilot” which appears in the (upcoming) January issue of Cavalier Magazine. You have captured the alien point-of-view in a way that makes it totally absorbing reading."

First edition of Kamikaze is published in late 1957 by Ballantine as a mass market trade paperback. 187 pages, cover price: 35 cents. First year sales exceeds 150,000.

Second edition of Kamikaze is published in 1961. The third edition was printed in 1963, and the fourth edition in 1966. Mass market trade paperback, 187 pages, cover price: 50 cents.

With a new cover design, the fifth edition of Kamikaze is published in 1968. Mass market trade paperback, 187 pages, cover price: 75 cents

Yasuo Kuwahara, protagonist and co-author of Kamikaze, dies in 1980.

Kamikaze's sixth edition is published in 1982. Mass market trade paperback, 187 pages, cover price: $3.75. Correspondence from Ballantine indicates sales exceed 500,000.

Authorized French edition reprinted in 2005. Trade paperback, 174 pages, €9,90 ($12.95)

Unauthorized versions identified in 2006, such as this plagiarized Hungarian edition. Other editions include Russian and Chinese.
Co-Author Gordon T. Allred completes the re-writing and expansion of Kamikaze in 2006, in preparation for the release of its seventh edition in April 2007. Published by American Legacy Media, ISBN-13: 978-0-9761547-5-4, 6 x 9 trim, softcover, 272 pages, retail price: $16.95.

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