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First to Give The Enemy's Perspective on World War II,

Kamikaze Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

(Salt Lake City, UT) –Just as Clint Eastwood's critically acclaimed film Letters From Iwo Jima offers a glimpse of war from the view of our former enemy, Kamikaze was among the first trade titles in the U.S. market to present the Japanese perspective of World War II. Published in 1957 by Ballantine, Kamikaze was the first book written in English by a former Japanese fighter, and it became a national bestseller. More important, at a time when resentment toward Japan still lingered, Kamikaze is credited for helping temper America's view of the Japanese after the war.

Since it's sixth and last printing in 1982, Kamikaze's popularity has remained strong. Authorized translations include French, German and Italian, but several "bootleg" translations were recently discovered in Russian, Hungarian and Chinese. Despite being out of print for 25 years, it remains on recommended reading lists at libraries, schools and colleges worldwide.

Celebrating half a century as a World War II classic, Kamikaze (Yasuo Kuwahara and Gordon T. Allred, American Legacy Media, $16.95) has been wholly revised and re-crafted for its 50th anniversary. A new, seventh edition will be released this April to commemorate the historic milestone.

Kamikaze tells the true story of Yasuo Kuwahara, a teenager recruited to the suicide squadrons of Imperial Japan. He endured basic training so physically and mentally brutal that nine men of his group committed suicide rather than suffer through it. He trained as a fighter pilot, and was nearly killed at the hands of the American enemy. Upon receiving his suicide orders, he was granted leave to say farewell to his family, but was spared from completing his mission due to one of the most miraculous ironies of the war.

Publisher American Legacy Media is releasing Kamikaze through its distributor IPG (Independent Publishers Group), making it available to the trade through the traditional channels.