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Foreword Jane Clayson Johnson, Emmy Award winning journalist/author


Julie B. Beck and Gerilyn Merrill, Relief Society general president and daughter
Silvia H. Allred, Relief Society general first counselor
Rosemary M. Wixom, Primary general president
Jana Peterson Staples, Relief Society general board member
Vivian McConkie Adams, daughter of Bruce R. McConkie
Richard Lyman Bushman, historian & coauthor of JOSEPH SMITH PAPERS
Susan Easton Black, BYU professor of Church history, author
Camille Fronk Olson, LDS historian, author
Marcus H. Martins, BYU–H professor, author
Neylan McBaine, religion blogger, founder of Mormon Women Project
Robert L. McKay, son of President David O. McKay

Mike Winder, mayor of West Valley City, Utah, 2010–; author
Gary R. Herbert, governor of Utah, 2009–
Mike Lee, U.S. senator, Utah, 2011–4
Jim Matheson, U.S. congressman, Utah, 2001–
Chad B. McKay, son of Gunn McKay; attorney
Ronald C. Packard, U.S. congressman, California 1983–1993.
Harry Reid, U.S. senator, Nevada, majority leader, 1987–
Jason Chaffetz, U.S. congressman, Utah, 2009–
Matthew Godfrey, mayor of Ogden, Utah, 2000–2011

Mark Wagoner, radio talk show host Mark?in?the?Morning, announcer
Doug Wright, radio talk show host/political commentator
Sandra Stallings Jenkins, writer
Natalie Clemens, blogger
Mark Eubank, television meteorologist
Maren Rosemarie Slover Mazzeo, blogger
Bob Evans, Emmy award–winning news anchor
Shawni Pothier, blogger
Kristine Wardle Frederickson, adj. BYU professor, Deseret News columnist
Jordan Marie Green, blogger
Wendy Hale McKay, writer
Maurine Proctor, editor?in?chief of Meridian Magazine, writer, author
Tiffany Gee Lewis, blogger
Glenn Rawson, broadcaster, teacher, writer
Trent Toone, writer for Deseret News–Mormon Times

Bryan Miller, executive of Miller Sports Park, Utah
Peter Vidmar, Olympic champion, author, speaker
Kyle Whittingham, head football coach at University of Utah, 2005–
Steve Young, hall of fame NFL quarterback, broadcaster, philanthropist .
J. W. “Bill” Marriott Jr., Marriott International CEO
Robert P. Dotson, former T?Mobile USA CEO, writer
Mark Allred, attorney, chief trial judge USAF, colonel
Matthew Dean Barkdull, marriage and family therapist, author
Josh Romney, founder of Romney Ventures, son of Mitt & Ann Romney
Clayton M. Christensen, distinguished professor at Harvard Business School

John Bennion, prof. of creative writing, BYU, author, essayist
Carol Anne Clayson, prof. of meteorology, Florida State University
H. Wallace Goddard, prof. of family life, U of Arkansas Coop Ext, author
Grant Hardy, prof. of history/religious studies, Univ. of N.C., Asheville
Patrick Madden, prof. of English, BYU, author
Kerry Muhlestein, prof. of ancient scripture, BYU
Gene A. Sessions, prof. of history, Weber State University, author, historian
Douglas Thayer, award?winning author, prof. of English, BYU
Heather A. Willoughby, faculty, Ewha Women’s University, South Korea
Twila Wood, teacher of english/drama, N. Cache 8/9 Center


Steevun Lemon, managing director of Foundation Arts, writer, son of Liz Lemon Swindle
Larry Barkdull, publisher, author
Richard Eyre, bestselling author, parenting expert
Sharlene W. Hawkes, Miss America 1985, author, StoryRock CMO
Lauren Johnson, broadcast news anchor, writer
Steven Kapp Perry, award?winning songwriter, playwright, and broadcaster,
son of Janice Kapp Perry
Julie Bellon, blogger, author
Greg Olsen, artist
Jeff Savage, award?winning author
Rick Walton, award?winning children’s author, poet
Marsha Ward, editor, poet, award?winning author
Kathi Oram Peterson, blogger, author
Tristi Pinkston, blogger, author
Janette Rallison, award?winning author
Philip N. Hale, physician, writer, son of theater pioneer Ruth Hale

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